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Federal and Provincial Tax Preparation

Have you ever found yourself struggling to retrieve essential information about your business:

  • how much money is coming in

  • how much is going out

  • what your largest expenses are

  • what you can trim to save money

  • how your business is doing year over year?

If finding you this information takes more than several seconds,
you should seriously consider investing in our bookkeeping services.

With EcoTax’s bookkeeping services, our professionals will ensure that your books are kept properly and accurately, so that you are able to find exactly what you are looking for in the shortest amount of time possible. We also work towards helping you digitize your receipts for bookkeeping purposes. For instance, thermal receipts often fade with time and can cause issues or discrepancies in your records. Allow us to help you digitize your documents and keep them up to date in this digital world.

Our experts at EcoTax will take the time to sit with you and review exactly what you are looking for in bookkeeping services to ensure that your business is running exactly how you want it to be. Let us help you prepare your books so that you are never surprised by expenses or costs, come tax time.

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